Greenpeace response to French president Hollande comments on TTIP

Brussels – In response to comments by French president François Hollande and European politicians following the release of confidential TTIP documents, Greenpeace EU director Jorgo Riss said:

“President Hollande’s concern is unsurprising, given that the Commission is clearly not following the mandate it was given by EU countries to protect European environmental and health standards. The French government is also right to be concerned about the effects of TTIP on efforts to tackle climate change, warning that it could unravel the climate change deal agreed in Paris. Comments from politicians in Germany and elsewhere show that even those who were broadly in favour of an agreement are having second thoughts now that the evidence is out in the open.”

The TTIP leaks cover 13 chapters addressing issues ranging from telecommunications to regulatory cooperation, from pesticides, food and agriculture to trade barriers. The documents are available at

A Q&A document explaining the release of the documents, including a full list of the documents and what they contain, is available here.

Concise analysis of the content of the chapters of the negotiating texts relating to environment and public health is available here.

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