Recent Greenpeace publications on trade affairs:

EU-Mercosur mythbuster

EU-Mercosur Agreement: Risks to Climate Protection and Human Rights

Study by Thomas Fritz

This publication is available in German, English, Portuguese, Spanish and French. It is published by MISEREOR (Germany), Greenpeace Germany, Greenpeace France, Greenpeace Belgium, Greenpeace Brazil, FASE (Brazil), INCUPO (Argentina), CIDSE (International), Dreikönigsaktion – Hilfswerk der Katholischen Jungschar (Austria), CCFD-Terre Solidaire (France) and Entraide & Fraternité (Belgium).

EU-Mercosur Legal Q+A.

EU-Mercosur: Double Standards concerning agrotoxics

Briefing papers by Greenpeace and IATP on CETA:

JEFTA Leaks Media Briefing (pdf)

Ten Principles for Trade (pdf)

TiSA Factsheet November 2016 (pdf)

Analysis of the TiSA Annex on Transparency (pdf)

CETA Myth Buster (pdf)

Investor protection in CETA: Gold standard or missed opportunity? (pdf)

Red light for CETA – A brief on the core problems of CETA’s Investor Court System (pdf)

TiSA: Another Secret Free Trade Agreement putting the Paris Agreement in a straight jacket (pdf)

Recent publications by other organisations on CETA:

Regulatory Cooperation under CETA: Implications for Environmental Policies (pdf)

Recent publications by other organisations on TiSA: – Comment on Data Protection

International Trade Union Confederation – TiSA: Bad News for Communities and Workers (pdf)

International Trade Union Confederation – All about TiSA (pdf)

Global Justice Now – Secret trade documents leaked – Global Justice Now response to #TiSAleaks (pdf)

Public Services International – After TTIP deal upended, leaks call TiSA into question (pdf)

BEUC The European Consumer Organisation – Negotiators must take trade in services deal palatable for consumers (pdf)

European Digital Rights (EDRi) – TiSA leaks set alarm bells ringing (pdf)

International Transport Workers’ Federation – ITF maritime sections’ assessment on the TISA Annex on Maritime Transport Services (pdf)

Third World Network – Localisation provisions analysis – preliminary update (pdf)

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