EU-Mercosur Association Agreement leaks (8 October 2020)

Greenpeace Germany has released 58 pages of previously undisclosed documents of the EU-Mercosur Association Agreement. While parts of the EU-Mercosur trade agreement, which is embedded in the Association Agreement, have been available since July 2019, the Association Agreement text has not been made public until now.

Greater public access to these agreement documents is essential for democracy, and will enable more balanced and transparent public participation by experts, politicians, civil society and the media. The European Commission has itself frequently highlighted the importance of democratic principles and transparency.

The leaked text of the Association Agreement is dated 18 June 2020. The original documents have been retyped to protect our sources.

We should be concerned about what is in these leaked documents. We know what we need to do to prevent a climate crisis and biodiversity collapse – this deal would take us in the opposite direction. The leaked text of the Association Agreement confirms yet again that the EU Commission and member states do not plan on taking necessary action to address the climate and biodiversity crises.

For more background information on the content of these documents and EU-MERCOSUR in general, please check here and here or see the Q&A.

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