Greenpeace comment on Walloon Parliament ‘no’ to CETA

Brussels – Commenting on the Wallonia Parliament’s vote opposing the signature of the comprehensive economic and trade agreement with Canada (CETA), the director of Greenpeace Belgium Vincent De Brouwer said:

“Greenpeace welcomes the decision of the Walloon Parliament to maintain its opposition to CETA. This parliament truly defends its citizens, not the interests of lobbyists and corporations. This is a fundamental message sent to the European institutions.”

“Europeans cannot accept a trade and investment deal that threatens our health and environmental standards. While the Paris agreement is about to be implemented, treaties such as CETA and TTIP sneak dangerously in the opposite direction. Today, the environment and the protection of our planet must be at the heart of each international treaty, not just big business’ profits. It is now up to the European institutions to listen to this signal and bury these dangerous treaties.”

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