Rio+20 People’s Summit March

Demonstration at the People’s Summit march for Social and Environmental Justice during Rio+20 Conference.
Marcha durante a Cúpula dos Povos, na Rio+20, cobrando dos governos justiça ambiental e social.

Protest ahead of Vote on EU-Canada Trade Deal at EU Parliament in Strasbourg

Activists keep a sinking statue of Lady Justice afloat in the icy waters surrounding the European Parliament in Strasbourg, ahead of a crucial vote on a controversial EU-Canada trade and investment protection deal.
Environment, health and labour rights campaigners warn that the deal – known as CETA – would hand corporations the power to sue governments and threaten laws that protect nature, public health and social rights.

Womens March On Washington

Nearly half a million people gathered in Washington, D.C. to mount a roaring response to the inauguration of U.S. President Donald Trump a day earlier. Millions of women around the world marched in a historic rebuke of a new president packing cities from Los Angeles to London, Paris and Melbourne.

Action to Call on Ministers to Reject CETA at Meeting in Luxembourg

Greenpeace takes action to call on ministers to reject CETA (Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement) and put people and planet first, as foreign affairs and trade ministers meet in Luxembourg.
Fourteen climbers from Germany, Luxembourg and Austria scale the European conference centre in Luxembourg to display a 12 by 6-metre banner reading “Don’t trade away our democracy”.

European Parliament at Louise Weiss in France

An interior view of the Strasbourg Hemicycle. This is held within the Immeuble Louise Weiss building.
Greenpeace display toxic barrels, trees and banners outside the meeting room inside this building. They call on EU decision-makers to ensure that the new EU chemicals regulation REACH, which they vote on today, is encouraged to grow in order to ensure that our health and environment is protected from chemicals that can affect fertility and cause cancer. Any loopholes in this law will allow companies to continue producing and selling such chemicals, which are widely used in consumer products.