EU-Japan trade deal smacks of corporate protectionism, Greenpeace

Brussels, 5 July 2017According to media reports, the European Commission and Japan have reached an agreement which closes negotiations on most parts of the EU’s biggest bilateral trade deal to date. The deal is the latest example of an EU trade policy that only pays lip service to transparency, and social and environmental protection, warned Greenpeace.

Greenpeace trade campaigner Kees Kodde said: “This trade deal, and others like it, smack of corporate protectionism at the expense of democracy and the environment. But uncontrolled trade and isolationism are not the only alternatives – both put the economic interests of the few over social and environmental protection for the many. Only enhanced international cooperation that centres on people and the planet can help solve the pressing problems of our time, like climate change, inequality and conflict.”

Greenpeace Netherlands leaked over 200 pages of the EU-Japan trade deal in June, highlighting several concerns on transparency and environmental protection.

Greenpeace has laid out ten principles for a fair trade policy that upholds social and environmental standards.


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